Lead came & Chemicals for Stained Glass

Welcome to the export website of Fenix ​​glass from the Netherlands.

This website is specially for companies in Europe that specialize in stained glass. Fenix ​​Glas is a European distributor for Cascade lead profiles (formerly Stillemans) and Novacan Chemicals (both from Canada).  

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Novacan Patina & chemicals for stained glass & Tiffany

Back with a vengeance, NOVACAN patina & chemicals, this is the leading brand for stained glass and Tiffany, back on the European market !


Watch the stained glass putty instruction video on Youtube

Download the MSDS, data safety sheets

  • Cascade leadprofiles (MSDS)
  • Black patina  (MSDS)
  • Flux (MSDS)
  • Grinder Coolant   (MSDS)
  • Cutting oil    (MSDS)

Old oxidized lead is poisonous, please take your time for this video.